2014-05-27 12:31 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

Little John, he has gone out to see the world alone. Staff and hat, look at that, he's one happy cat. But his mommy cries a lot, now she has no Johnny got. Then he thought, that he ought to go home and got…

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AromaTouch Massage

2012-08-18 19:56 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

AromaTouch helps on the emotional and physical level!

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2012-02-12 17:29 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

What brings an Austrian woman from Salzburg in a Buddhist temple in Korea? It all began in autumn 1992 - with 108 bows in a small Korean hermitage: For me the first step into a new, wonderful experience…

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The VIRGO-Woman

2012-02-11 18:37 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 1)

Like all archetypes also the Virgo is in all of us. As the “Grand I”, she whispers: stay clean, innocent and immaculate!” We call it our consciousness! She is reliable in monitoring the world, always warning of impeding danger. Helps in words and deeds. Admonishing, accusing she harries you to be a good person.

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Are you a “concubine”?

2012-02-11 17:56 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 4)

This time I want to talk about a special subject – a women’s subject. And yet, we are in a dilemma: Because those women who might be concerned mostly don’t know. They just don’t know they are concerned. They believe to have already proven their capability of making a relationship. And so I am asking the women reading this: Are you a “concubine”?

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